Yoga: Stretch Your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep with These  Moves

Yoga: Stretch Your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep with These Moves

One way to relax the body and the mind is to practice a simple combination of yoga by Yoga Burn before going to bed. If you are not familiar with it, then you can try out the Yoga burn review and see for yourself how effective and useful Yoga is when it comes to relaxing your mind and lose your weight. 

Yoga calms the mind and invites relaxation when the mind is focused on the seemingly superfluous details of the movements and thoughts associated with certain yoga poses. When the mind is thinking about how to move the legs a certain way or placing the thumb and pointer finger together, all other thoughts fall away.

Yoga plays a trick on your mind, in this way. Even the most task-oriented and goal-oriented people can find yoga poses before bed conducive to quieting the mind and encouraging sleep. The material available at jewels healing garden will meet with the requirements of the person. A person will perform different task to get the effective results. The sleep of the person will be great through a visit at the respective store.

Try this sequence of yoga poses before bed, when the mind won’t stop. These poses may also help the night waker relax, stop thinking about the fact that they are awake, and help them get back to sleep.

Stretch for Sleep: Climb the Wall

There are really no good names for this pose. Basically, it is a half-inverted pose where the upper body is flat on the floor, with legs extended up the wall. The closer your bottom is to the wall, the easier this stretch is to perform.

Stretch for Sleep: Roll Like a Ball

After the half-inversion pose, move the body away from the wall and get ready for a move that is done in yoga to iron outback kinks. With the back flat on the floor, bring both knees up to the chest, or wherever is comfortable. Hug the legs by wrapping the arms around them. Gently, slowly and rhythmically roll the body from the left to the right, keeping the head in place.

Stretch for Sleep: Reclined Tree Pose

The reclined tree pose can move directly into the next pose. While flat on the back, stretch both legs out comfortably. Bring the sole of one foot to meet the inside of the opposite leg. The sole could rest on the calf, the knee, or the inner thigh. This gentle hip stretch is very relaxing.

Stretch for Sleep: Reclined Cobbler’s Pose

One of the more comfortable and relaxing poses, especially for anyone with back or hip problems, is the reclined cobbler’s pose. Lying on the back, stretch both legs straight out in front of you. Then, slowly bring the bottoms of the feet together, while the knees fall gently to each side. Keep arms by your sides.

Stretch for Sleep: Child’s Pose

The Child’s pose in yoga is one of the most comfortable and comforting poses. It is called the child’ pose because it is one of the many yoga poses that children do quite naturally, and often.

Start by sitting kneeling down on the floor, on a pillow or blanket, if your knees need some cushion. Sit back on your legs and your feet. Slightly widen the hips, to bring your torso closer to the floor as your bend forward, chest to knees. Stretch both arms in front of you, with the head resting on the floor (or a towel, blanket). The head could also rest on arms folded beneath the head. Breathe normally. Hold for as long as it is comfortable.