Where To Get Free Alcohol Rehab

Where To Get Free Alcohol Rehab

Times are hard. The economy has definitely seen better days. This has led some people to turn to the bottle. It is not unusual for cases of alcoholism to rise during an economic crisis. The problem is, the situation can become one vicious cycle: a man loses his job, starts drinking heavily, seeks for treatment but can’t get any because of lack of money and having no insurance. Fortunately, help is readily available for financially-challenged individuals that requires very little or no cash at all. Below are some of the places where one can get free (or almost free) alcohol rehab.

Christian rehab centers

One of the first places that you should go to if you are looking for free alcohol rehab are Christian rehab centers. Christian groups establish rehab centers as a way to reach out to communities and to help people who are struggling with addiction. You shouldn’t have a problem looking for a Christian rehab center in or near your area. There is almost one in every community. Not a Christian? You can check if religious groups that share your affiliation are running rehab centers. It shouldn’t be a problem either. After all, almost all religions reach out to the needy.

Government rehab centers

Most states have at least one long term alcohol treatment centers and getting into them is free of charge because they are supported by taxes. The types of state-run rehab centers vary. There are small centers that offer detox programs and then there are residential facilities where patients can check in for long-term treatment. There are also offices that offer purely outpatient counseling. One of the things that you need to know though about these government centers is that they can have a long wait list mainly because of the fact that their services are free. If you can wait for a few weeks or even months, then you can try government rehab centers.

Support groups

If you really can’t find rehab centers that offer free services, then what you can do is to simply attend a support group in your area. Of course, the most popular support group for alcoholics is Alcoholics Anonymous or A.A. This group has helped millions of people already in its 75 years of existence. The only thing that A.A. requires is 100 percent commitment to recovery. To get in, you will need a sponsor who will help you to take the famous 12 steps.

Online rehab centers

Nowadays, you can find everything on the Internet and there seems to be a virtual equivalent of everything. Do you know that there are websites that offer online recovery support? Yes, they exist and the best part is most of them provide free service. Of course, nothing still beats being counseled by an trained therapist and being in a real facility where you can get proper treatment. But if you need help right away and you don’t have the resources, then getting online support can be the next best thing. There are many types of online support groups, there are email, chat rooms and even instant messaging groups