Shadow Ho-Oh Analysis- Flaming Torch

Shadow Ho-Oh Analysis- Flaming Torch

When it comes to some of the best video games of all time, the ones that immediately come to mind are super Mario, Swat Kats, Contra, Ninja Roberts, Dangerous Dave, Aladdin, etc. to name a few but everyone will have their own favorites based on their preference.

Pokemon too was quite popular in the late 90s and early 2000s where many readers would recall the days when they sat with their eyes glued to the television set watching Ash Ketchum and his friends, Brock and Misty, along with Pikachu, embark on a journey to capture many Pokemons available out there whilst simultaneously battling their enemies Jessie, James and Meow, the villainous trio out on the same mission.

Pokemon Go has achieved considerable success in the past few years where you can find on almost every mobile phone device that youngsters can avail to their heart’s content but today we are going to talk about the Shadow Ho-Oh Analysis and its significance.

PVP Format

Most people generally prefer the player versus player (PVP) format on while playing Pokemon Go where they can gauge the advanced features of the level and accordingly select pokemons based on their strength and weakness in order to prepare a formidable army to tackle the enemy.

Shadow Pokemon like Charmander has been abandoned by Team Go Rocket members that view him as a liability to the mission at hand because most pokemons belonging to the category are defeated by players due to which they are easily captured but that is due to their frustrated nature.

Shadow Ho-Oh ones need stardust and candy to be purified through which they gain strength to display charged attacks and rid frustration through which they are able to focus on the plot and strategize an attack that sends the enemies with their tails firmly between their legs.

They have achieved high stat products ranging from 110 to 127 and 150 to 245 that come of great use as the levels progress.