Photoshop Elements Beginner Guide Basics Video Tutorial

Photoshop Elements Beginner Guide Basics Video Tutorial

Modeled around its bigger brother, Adobe Photoshop for Mac, Elements provides everything the home enthusiast could ever want! As well as being affordable, it’s pleasingly powerful and user friendly, which is reflected in its quick fix workspace built specifically for people either in a hurry, or new to the software, and it’s full-blown editing environment for anybody wanting to take full advantage of some of the most powerful features in the image editing world.

In this free 10 part video series, we’ll look at the things you need to know to get off the ground. Starting with the organizer, I’ll show you how to create and maintain an efficiently structured image catalog. A place you can visit and know the photograph you’re looking for is seconds away from being found.

Once you have a collection of carefully organized images, it’s time to make them look good using some of the Elements’ most basic features. Step forward the Quick Fix and Guided Edit modes. Within a couple of minutes, and the same number of adjustments, these modes allow you to quickly fix some of the most common color, tonal, and contrast problems associated with modern-day digital photographs. To say it all happens in a flash would be accurate, as well as a cheap pun of course!

With Element’s quick-fire solutions firmly stuffed into our image editing repertoire, we’ll move out of the shadows and into the full glare of Adobe’s spotlight. The full edit mode is a versatile, attractive, and powerful workspace that sets the benchmark for consumer-level image editing. I’ll start by introducing you to a few key concepts, before starting a project that sees us creating a poster for London Zoo.

As we progress, you’ll see how to adjust shadows and highlights, correct colors, and apply modifications to specific regions of an image whilst leaving the rest untouched. We’ll look at some basic selection techniques, as well as extracting a gorilla from his background and placing him into another photograph. From there we’ll adjust his size and blend him into his new background before removing blemishes and cropping unwanted background elements from the image.

To create the final poster we’ll add some text and effects to the composition and apply a pass of sharpening to bring out the hidden details locked away inside the image. The series closes with a look at how we can get the final version of the poster to a wider audience by preparing it for email and print.

All in all, this series comprises of over two hours of high-quality, in-depth videos that serve as a starting point to mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements.