Organic Vegetable Gardening: Containers

Organic Vegetable Gardening: Containers

Yes, you can grow lovely organic vegetables in a small space. Keeping in mind that all plants need a certain amount of sunshine in order to grow and set fruit. With that in mind, take care in selecting the varieties of vegetables you want to grow. Try to chose seed with a shorter growing period that ripens more quickly. There are many newly developed seeds that produce plant and are being offered by many growers that are geared toward this type of vegetable. You should also check approximately how many hours of sun a day that particular variety needs in order to produce fruit.

If you have room in your domicile, it would be a good idea to invest in an inexpensive stand to hold seedlings, some lights and a heating mat with a thermostat. It makes it much easier to grow your own seed and gives a much bigger variety of plants to chose from. It is a excellent long term investment, because all the items mentioned can be used over and over again with proper care. If you love to garden it will more than pay for itself in yummy vegetables for your table. Or if you do not have the space available for that type of arrangement, you can purchase young seedlings from your local nursery or try you local farm and garden market. Many times local gardeners will be selling their excess seedlings which are normally healthier and sturdier than those found in the big box stores.

While you are planing what type and variety of vegetable you want to plant, you also need to take a good look at the space you have available. Take some measurements and draw out what you would like to put where in your area. This is something to take into consideration when purchasing containers in which to put your seedlings. You may need several sizes, as you may need to transplant some things at least once. But when choosing the containers that are going to be the “garden” for your plants you want to be sure you have the proper sized container for your mature growing plant. You also want to make sure it will fit well with other containers that you will have in your space.

And don’t forget if you can’t go out, you can probably go up! So consider adding some type of trellising to increase your growing space. If you want to include trellises you also want to make sure the container is strong enough to bear the load of soil and plant. One excellent way is to use inexpensive PVC pipe. It comes in many sizes and can be slightly roughed with a piece of coarse sandpaper, to make it easier for your vining plants to “grab and hold”. Remember also that containers with soil and plant can be very heavy, so purchasing some container roll abouts might be a good idea. And if you are planting on an apartment balcony, do consider how heavy the container you are planting will be with a mature plant.

If you are growing your own seedlings use the best quality sowing mix you can afford and for your containers pick the highest quality organic potting mix. In the beginning, a person will be so pleased with her fast-loading website for the gardeners. The maturation of the plants will be effective for the growth and development. The use of the organic things should be done for the long life of the plants. 

Plant your new seedlings in their containers and watch them grow. Short on sunlight? Maybe your area faces the “wrong direction”. Consider adding a white background of some type, poster board, board that’s been painted with exterior white paint is another choice. Even in a northern exposure there is always some sunlight, it will be bounced off the white background and cover all areas of your plants, helping add that additional bit of sunlight.

Use an organic type fertilizer, there are many on the market, for container gardening the liquid type really work the best because you can saturate the soil more easily. Liquid fish emulsion is one of the best types available. Do follow the directions carefully and don’t overfeed. You’ll have lots of lovely green growth an no fruit as the plant with convert the nitrogen available to making more leafy growth.

And then the best part, harvesting and enjoy those lovely vegetables.