One Major Way We Cheat Ourselves Out Of Our Diet

One Major Way We Cheat Ourselves Out Of Our Diet

We’re on a diet! We’re staying strong, sticking to the plan, and then temptation comes in. When it does we always say the same thing. “I’ve done such a good job on my diet, I deserve to eat that cupcake”, or “I deserve that McDonalds burger” or even “I deserve to sit on the couch and watch t.v. all day today.”

The second we say that we are cheating ourselves out of our diet and our health. We can justify breaking our diets this way and it sounds great in the present, but it is also a decision we come to regret in the future.

Why Do We Say It?

 When we tell ourselves we deserve something that is bad for us or reward ourselves with our favorite junk food we look at it as a good thing. After all positive reinforcement is supposed to be helpful. It’s a lot easier to do something that is good for you like exercising or eating right when you reward yourself with something positive like eating something tasty. That is the idea anyways. Having a fitness training plan that you follow is also helpful because it will help you make healthy food choices.

The Problem

 The problem with eating unhealthy foods to reward ourselves is that it reinforces the idea that healthy foods are not tasty and unhealthy foods are. By saying things like “I deserve this cupcake because of all the hard work I’ve done” you are subconsciously telling your brain “Cupcakes are good! I like them better than other foods and therefore I deserve them for my hard work.”

This makes diets even harder then they need to be because now you aren’t trying to stop something that is bad for you, instead you are trying to stop doing something you really really want to do. It’ll take a whole lot of willpower and kicking yourself in the butt to finish your diet with that mindset.

Diets aren’t supposed to be that hard. You don’t need to fight yourself every step of the way. Not when you can embrace eating healthier and tastier foods that give you more energy and keep you feeling great.

What To Do Instead?

 Instead of “rewarding yourself” with things that are bad for you consider falling in love with things that are good for you. Just because the Soda companies spend billions of dollars putting their beverage in front of your face doesn’t mean you have to drink it.

Drinking juice can be just as fulfilling as drinking soda and once more it is better for you. Find your favorite fruits and vegetables instead of your favorite candy snacks, (most candy is flavored after fruits anyways and it’s not as juicy). Look for other things that are good for you and use that as your reward.

When you exercise do not look at it as a chore, find something you like to do whether it be taking your dog for a walk or playing football with your kids. Playing outside is a lot healthier for you than watching t.v. and yet it is just as addicting. 

On top of that, you should also consider taking supplement in order to sustain and support your diet. Hence, you won’t feel guilty on your cheat day. There are high quality and effective products in the market. To learn more, check this site:

In fact you’ll notice that the more you focus on the foods and activities that are good for you and away from the foods and activities that are bad for you, the less you miss the junk in your life. Not only is staying healthy and in shape good for your body, it is also very addicting.