Myspace Mafia Wars: How to Get More Friends

Myspace Mafia Wars: How to Get More Friends

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the spam to a minimum. There are hundreds of places to go and grow your mafia amongst others who want to grow their mafias as well, so repeatedly spamming people who simply don’t play or choose not to team up with your family will not get you anywhere. With that said, let’s take a look at some methods that will get you somewhere.

Join Groups on Myspace –

There are many already established groups on Myspace, and new ones form all the time. These groups are filled with other people looking to grow their mafia too. Most have forums or a live chat program where you can list yourself as looking for more members and invite other posters into your mafia. The most popular group can be found here:

Go to the groups home page and you can search for more. Knowing your ‘add me’ link is helpful for many of these types of groups. This way spares the time needed to load the main Myspace page; instead going straight to the page to add as a friend. You can find out your own ‘add me’ link by visiting your own Myspace page, clicking to add yourself as a friend and copying the html from the web browser box. You will get a message saying that you cannot add yourself as a friend but don’t worry about that. Save that link in Notepad or something so that you have it handy in the future. When a person will buy level 30 league account, then a contact can be made with the friends and relatives. The future of the game will be under the information of the players, and then the experience will be person at the websites will be pleasant. 

Also realize that if your Myspace account is set up to only accept friend requests from people knowing your last name or email that you will have to either change it or give out that information with your link. Otherwise it will do no good as people will not be able to send you a friend request.

Join Friend Trains –

Many articles, videos, forums, blogs and personal websites have friend trains. Quite simply, friend trains are just postings made by individuals with a link to their Myspace page or that ‘add me’ link from above. Whenever you come across one, add a few friends from the list and place your own information on there as well. To find such friend trains, simply search Google, YouTube, Blogger and Yahoo Groups. Anywhere that allows users to post comments is bound to have one. Many may not be listed as a ‘friend train’ though, so try using a variety of different keywords if you aren’t having any luck. And again, no one likes spamming, so please do everyone a favor and don’t spam!