Mustangs: Are They the Car of the Future?

Mustangs: Are They the Car of the Future?

Mustangs are a wonderful car to have,they have nice interior seats,a CD player,and a special transmission.Mustangs come with an 8 cylinder,or a 6 cylinder.They use to make it with a 302 engine,But that was a long time ago.I saw a new mustang,at the north America international auto show.I am a fan,of the mustangs and I hope to have one someday,when I get about 40 years old.They have made the automobile like the 1960’s,the front and the back looks like it,and it looks totally awesome.

Mustangs are the wave of the future,I am not sure if I want to own an old one,or a new one it is kind of up in the air as far as that goes,But i do like the styles though.We have to do our best,to support the American auto makers,for they are the pride of America.My aunt had a 65 mustang and she sold it,she should have kept it,because it would have been a collectors item.You have to buy something that runs,I have had my share of buying cars,that did not run,and it is really unfortunate,and I also learned my lesson as well.

I was not very sure about Mustangs when I started my research on some of the best American models but after consulting a few friends, I thought I should give it a try and talked to my aunt about it but took care to hire a car locksmith as I had a bad habit of leaving the keys inside after driving.

If my aunt would have kept the mustang,I probably would have bought it,she sold it for 6,500 dollars,before i was even thought of.That is a shame within itself it really is,If you get an antique mustang you have to make sure,that they have had it serviced and it was up kept,because if it is not then you have a harder time trying to fix it,Plus my cousin down south,had a mustang,and he got rid of it as well,you could not talk to him either,I would have kept the automobile,you might have to pay more in insurance,but it is well worth it,as well.It gets harder to service mustangs,that are old and antique,I wanted to get my dad a 57 Chevy,but I would have to work another job,and that would be too stressful for me.359

Mustangs are a classic car to have they really are I was hoping to find one on auto, but the price has got to be right for it,or i wont be buying it.I do want a mustang in about 5 years or so and I hope to be married at that point,because it is just too lonely,living the single life,nobody to share your smiles with,is absolutely boring so I am hoping to change that.