Lucrative Offer- Food Culture

Lucrative Offer- Food Culture

How would it be if you are stranded on an island without food and drink? It would be difficult to survive for more than a few days but that is a fate that very few can imagine especially in current times where one can get away with murder with a little bit of money and influence.

Food is something that pops up in every conversation whether it is funny or serious because we all have a weakness for some nice delicacies and today we have so many food applications to choose from.

Food apps are so successful that many businessmen want to invest their hard earned savings to develop business models as they feel it is a lucrative offer where they will get many times the amount they originally invested.

Success Formula

I am quite fond of ordering food online which is why I constantly invite friends over and look for the nearest cash delivery food near me but business models are quite hard to make so if you want to try it out then the following ones would give you an idea on how to manage things out.

  1. Aggregator Business Model– This model is quite successful because it allows multiple restaurants to connect with a single online food delivery platform where they offer their loyal services to business conglomerates through different variety of food where the platform is the intermediate that connects the restaurant and customers together
  2. Order & Delivery Model– As the name suggests, its motto is prompt order and delivery where we have the platform owner/admin, restaurants, service provider, etc. where delivery is taken by the third party. It is the preferential one for business owners as they don’t have to look into much as everything is managed by third party
  3. Integrated Model– The most flexible model of the three where there is no third person or outsider involved where all restaurants have delivery persons for the job where platform users place the order and deliver