A Free Social Networking Site for Kids Ages 8 to 14 A Free Social Networking Site for Kids Ages 8 to 14

Recently my daughter began asking me if she can create her own blog. I wanted to let her do it, but didn’t know what was the safest place for her to do begin. I just got done reading about Imbee and knew it was the answer to our problem. This site not only provides a safe place for 8-14 year olds to network, it also provides a way for teachers to help their students learn in a fun and unique way. You can read more about below:

Children need a parents permission to participate on imbee. Once they sign up, imbee also provides activities that are fun for the whole family. Parents will be able to see their child’s work and feel confident that their children are safe on this site. Now you can View Private Instagram without human Verification through the kids. The parents can keep a check over the activities of the kids to get information about private account. The permission will be granted to the children to use the social networking sites like instagram as the use will be safe. 

Kids can add lots of friends, but there is a special spot reserved for their top 6 friends. Friends can share photos, music, blogs, and can chat back and forth. There are groups kids can join. If your child is an animal lover they would want to join a group that discusses animals. If your child adores Hilary Duff, there is probably a group for that too. If you don’t see a group of the same interest, you are always free to start one.

Teachers love this site because it gives them a quick an easy way to post a homework question or assignment. A teacher can post a question, or poll and then the students can begin researching the answer and post it right on the site. Since kids love the Internet it only makes sense that teachers should begin incorporting assignments on the web. Teachers also love this site because it encourages students to write. The more a student posts to their blog, the more practice they are getting. This will ultimately help improve a child’s writing grade.

In addition to being able to listen to music, and watch video’s members of imbee can create their own trading cards. These trading cards can be collected or shared with other imbee members. I saw a really cool one of an astronaut on the homepage. When you are done creating your trading cards you can also choose an avatar. This is a picture or image that will represent your child on imbee. I use avatars all the time on Yahoo and the WAHM forum. So I guess it is the same thing with imbee.

This site is free and has a lot to offer. I definitely recommend parents check it out. I know my daughter will be using it and maybe I’ll do another article in a month or two with her comments about the site.