How To Build And Flip Websites For Big Profit With Little Investment

How To Build And Flip Websites For Big Profit With Little Investment

One of the easiest ways to make a big profit on the Internet is by flipping websites through the FKC Concept. Now many people in the past simply engaged in speculating, buying low prices sites, and holding them until they became more valuable for resale. This practice is very effective but your profit margin is fairly low and it takes a good deal of time. The best way to easily flip websites for profit is to start your own from scratch, where your only costs will be that of a domain name.

The first thing that you want to do is to pick out a niche for your website, to make this easier you want to go with a sub-niche – such as choosing ‘used sports cars’ over ‘cars’. Now register a domain name, preferably a .com, with your keywords in it. It is now time to go about building your website.

The easiest way to design your website is to use WordPress, it allows for updates easily and no web design skills whatsoever. Now write about 5 articles, over 250 words long, and submit these, they should be related to your niche and use keywords about your niche often. Post these on your blog and then submit each one to the major social bookmarking websites, Digg, Propeller, and StumbleUpon. Each day for about two months try to write one or two more of these articles and publish them and submit them to social bookmarking sites in the same fashion. Be sure also to have AdSense up on the website, you will need revenue for a good sale.

Now go about increasing your website’s rankings in search engines. Find relevant blogs, or blogs in the same niche as yours, and make comments on posts. Make the comments relevant to the post and use the URL box to put a link back to your website, do not put it in the text portion or your comment will not be approved.

Finally, you will want to prepare to sell your website. If about two to three months have elapsed now is the time. You have a website with unique content, traffic, and earnings. Simply list it for sale on Digital Point forums and Site Point forums; include your proof of revenue and traffic and you will surely have a sale in no time. This method can easily be rinsed and repeated, you can make five or six sites at the same time since the daily work for each one is only a few minutes after initial setup, then in a couple of months, you have a few hundred dollars times each website that you have built.