How I Sent My Child Through School Without Student Loans Or Grants

How I Sent My Child Through School Without Student Loans Or Grants

About three years prior to my son graduating high school, I came to realization that I had nothing for him to go to college. Being a single parent I had worked very hard and managed thankfully to maintain a slightly above average income for a women. I was always thankful that I did not have to rely on any type of assistance from the government. I have been blessed.

What I did not realize is that because of this choice of making more money, I literally shot myself in the foot when it came to grants or assistance for my child. (I am not the only one by the way) When we applied for student loans; grants etc. I was told I made too much money. Even down to the Pell grant. Funny, I don’t even have a savings account and had been living meagerly pay check to paycheck. But again — , I did not qualify.

My son and I discussed it and he chose to attend the local community colleges. He has the intelligence to have made it at a university and I will always regret the fact that he was not exposed to that, but we have managed. He is on the final leg of this journey now and when he graduates with a BA, he will be free of debt. No student loans, no credit card debt, nothing.

We chose:

Community College as far as it would take us.    Final leg is a private school through a local hospital    Paying every semester’s fees and tuition right then and there. *sometimes very hard.    Engaged as many family members as possible to donate what little they could, his Dads wife stepped up and for that I am very thankful.    He has lived at home; I treat him like a renter so he feels like he is out a bit.    It has cost an arm and leg; groceries; thankfully this year I was able to include him on my insurance at work.    He carried the same back pack that he had in high school.    He has worked some type of minimum paying job the entire time to pay for his extra items.

There have been no extras, just the bare minimum. Sometimes I feel very sad about the meager way we sent him through school, but I know in my heart that he is a much better person now. I know for a fact that he is a very empathetic person, but shows others how to make it work as well.

Trust me it can be done, but make your kids go to college no matter what you have to do. It is your responsibility as a parent to send your kids to school. And it could be the only treasure that you would be able to leave them when you’re gone already. You may also consider visiting Majestic Lake Financial including photos to learn more about low interest loan.