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Designer clothes, designer, cutter, tailor-made all these professions, whose names sound masculine, you can combine a women’s concept of “milliner”. It is possible that this word is somewhat old-fashioned, but it very accurately reflects the essence of the profession.

It is a difficult craft of making women beautiful, anticipate their wishes, to give advice on choosing the style of outfits. The effectively dressed woman is never left unattended. Talk about the mysteries of creating beautiful, stylish, exclusive women’s clothing with a virtuoso of his profession, the mistress of a small home Studio with modern milliner Svetlana Scopeboy. It is very popular among the fashionistas of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, who want to have in the wardrobe of clothes tailored for them by hand.

The main points of the interview with Svetlana Sokolova, the owner of his own Studio

Type of activity:

  • Studio in home

Occupation before starting a business:

  • seamstress, merchandiser

Date of commencement of business:

  • 2000

The legal form of business:

  • individual entrepreneur

The size of the original investment:

  • 100 000.

Source of initial capital:

  • loan funds

Return on investment:

  • about 6-8 months

Initial income:

  • 10-12, 000. per month.

The formula for success: “https://5bestthings.com/basic-steps-to-take-before-starting-an-online-business/

Svetlana, respond as a professional and a practicing milliner: “What does a well-dressed woman?”

Each person has his own answer to this question. The concept of beauty is individual. I can share only my subjective point of view. For me, beauty is harmony. Women’s clothes should be an extension, a reflection of their inner world. If she is dressed accordingly to his style, chose the right attire according to the life situation (not here, for example, to the theatre in jeans and to work in evening dress), the well-chosen color scheme of the outfit, chose appropriate accessories, feel in their clothes comfortably and naturally – so she dressed nicely. And if the outfit she stressed its advantages and hide flaws, and right.

It is not easy to convince a woman to accept your version of the future looks?

It depends. There are women who immediately and unconditionally agree to my proposal, I trust the choice of style, fabric, accessories. And there are ladies, stubbornly defending your point of view. But I do not want to result in the client was disappointed even by its decision. Then, clearly trying to demonstrate her choice, often the response is similar to shock. Most often, the rhetoric and the reality of the win, the lady surrenders, and I sew her outfit for her vision, based on experience and intuition.

  • A well-dressed woman is always on top
  • Spectacular blue dress with open back

And it was difficult for you to make a choice for your craft? How you started your business?

I think that my choice was born and raised with me. How many can remember, probably 5 years since I sewed, had invented, dressed their dolls? Then began to sew yourself, mom. But it was the Amateur stage in the profession that came later. Despite my fascination with sewing, I considered it only as a pastime, a hobby. And dreamed of becoming a lawyer, to the legal profession.

But mothers know us better. It at the time, took me by the hand and took him to the school associated with sewing. Now unknown, lost if the profession in my face great professional. But it is clear that the mother was right.

Tell me how you got your education?

I have a secondary education. Graduated from Voronezh industrial-pedagogical College in 1997. By profession, I am a technician-technologist, master of industrial training.

What was especially difficult in the beginning of the business? What barriers had to be overcome?

The first hurdle is to buy a good sewing machine. 10-12 years ago it was quite problematic. Wanted good equipment, and there is nowhere to buy. A large deficit was high-quality sewing accessories, special fabrics. The choice of a good matter, too, was limited. Had to work with what was and what had.

Sewing machine – the main tool

But even on a simple sewing machine, of simple fabrics, without special tools managed to sew nice outfits. Clients I have always been, the lack of orders was never a barrier in business.

Machine – overlock

Want to learn how to open a workshop for sewing clothes? See detailed instructions on opening a Studio.

Any business begins with starting capital. With what amount of you started and if not a secret, where did you manage to find it?

There is no secret. When I decided seriously to do business, took a Bank loan. It was the amount of 100 thousand rubles. I spent it on the purchase of equipment. But if you open such a business, you need to spend bona larger amount. It is possible to calculate:

  • Buying a good, multi-function sewing machine – 45-50 thousand rubles.
  • Buying overlock – 15-20 thousand.
  • Definitely need a steam generator and 18-20 thousand.
  • Large mirror – 2-5 thousand.
  • Dummy – at least 1 PC. is 6-7 thousand.
  • Hanger-silhouettes – 2 pieces-3 thousand rubles.
  • Mannequin and hangers-silhouettes
  • Various little things (thread, scissors, centimeters, pins, crayons, etc.) – 5-10 thousand.

It turns out the amount of approximately 100-120 thousand rubles. It is necessary to add expenses on the preparation of documents for opening business, and financial reserves in order to first time to pay electricity bills and other utilities. Add officiant, but this is the case if it is removed. If you work from home, in the amount of 150 thousand you can meet to start work.

If you see your customer’s financial income, the money-back quickly (about 6-8 months) and you will start to profit and satisfaction.

  • The machine always working
  • The work on the project

How did your income compare to beginning work? The forecasts, expectations?

In the first months of independent work, my income did not exceed 10-12 thousand per month. It was 10 years ago. I plan to get 5 times more. Through 2-2,5 years, I have easily earned that amount. But as time goes on, growing desires and needs. There are new frontiers and forecasted revenue amounts. Now set a goal to reach 100 thousand milestones. But while this is not a short term. The crisis had a profound negative impact on my business.