Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Treat Depression?

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Treat Depression?

According to a British study , the magic mushrooms could be used to treat depression. STUDY – Now to prove this thesis comes a new British study on psilocybin , the drug contained in the mushrooms that alter the connectivity of the brain. This fact would not increase brain activity, but it would reduce . The brain , under the influence of the mushrooms , then reduces brain activity . Species are concentrated in areas where the sensory neurons , those which in normal conditions allow us to remain anchored to reality. Psilocybin size the activity of these nodes and their ability to bind to other parts of the brain , thus giving the feeling of freedom . 


According to the results it seems that the activity of the brain is targeted to maintain a stable consciousness we have of the world,” dichiaato Robin Carhart -Harris , a PhD student at Imperial College London . To test their theory , the researchers gathered 15 volunteers who have injected or doses of psilocybin or placebo solutions . It is shown that if psilocybin is injected intravenously , it alters consciousness after just 60 seconds , instead of after one hour as when taken orally , and its effect lasts only for half an hour instead of for the five hours ” canonical ” . SURPRISE – The researchers expected that the hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin were due to overwork on the part of the brain. Instead they have discovered that the mechanism is opposite. ” The collapse of cerebral surprised us ,” said Carhart -Harris . ” The decline of the filter by the brain has meant that the volunteers would open mind to thoughts never had before , geometric hallucinations , perceptions unknown. 


The two regions affected by the effects of psilocybin were the prefrontal cortex and the posterior cingulate cortex . The former leads to obsessive thoughts , when stimulated with external substances . All antidepressants on the market attack this area of ​​the brain, and the fact that psilocybin also has the same effect , according to researchers at the hallucinogenic mushrooms could be used to treat depression. The posterior cingulate cortex instead plays a fundamental role in consciousness and self- identity. Psilocybin , as well as other substances that affect brain activity, help the individual to live a temporary dissolution of his ego. ” Sometimes it seems that the sense of identity and apparenenza disappears and the person closer to the universe, a connection that produces peace.” You can buy shrooms online Canada. They are one opf the reliable sources of quality and healthy mushrooms. When buying products, make sure toi always check the quality and so as the reliability of the stores. In this way, you can ensure your safety and protection.


This study is therefore disproved the theory that the hallucinogenic mushrooms to speed up brain activity. Indeed . The brain normally organizes itself to keep us anchored to the ground. The substances in question do no more than ” weaken ” . This process , however, gives well-being , and is comparable to the well-being provoked by anti-depressant drugs . Detachment of the ego and unity and peace with the world. Unfortunately, there is also a drawback: the disorder that bring the sick and aficionados of the substance to be obsessive . There will be perhaps a future in which , instead of using the pads , we will rely on a similar process ?