Getting Your Ex Back

Getting Your Ex Back

You and your girlfriend or boyfriend have just broken up. You’re really feeling low. You really don’t have a clue if the split is for good, or if it’s just one of those ‘love hiccups’ that happens so often to couples involved in romantic relationships.

More than likely, neither you nor your now ex-lover, is sure what’s coming next. Is it over or not? You know that you want your partner back, but you’re at a loss at how to go about finding out if they feel the same way.

You don’t want to appear needy or clingy by chasing your ex asking if you can get back together again and instead of sharing that sweet message for her you are now looking for ways to move on. Pride is a pain! And, you certainly dread the thought of being embarrassed and hurt beyond belief should your ex say there’s no chance of a reconciliation. Putting your heart and soul out there like a ‘pinata’ only to be beaten to a pulp is not what you want at all.

So, how can you test the waters to see if there’s still some hope for your relationship and love to get back on track?

Perhaps the following suggestions may help you with answers to the question, “How do I get my ex back after a breakup?“.

Tips & Signals For Finding Out Answers To – ‘How Do I Get My Ex Back?’

#1 – When you talk to your ex, what kind of response and reaction do you receive? If they listen without interruption, and maybe even stop whatever they’re doing to pay attention, then that’s a good sign that they are still interested in you. If, on the other hand, they ignore you completely, then that’s a big red flag that you’re barking up the wrong tree!

#2 – Change your appearance somehow. Maybe a new hairstyle or the way you dress and watch and listen to see if your ex-lover throws any compliments your way, or even notices that you’ve changed. Any compliment is a good indicator of interest.

#3 – Talk about your breakup if you get the chance, but don’t overdo it. Listen and take note if your partner uses words and phrases that show or hint at any regret or remorse regarding the relationship split. Such language is a great sign that you are still in with a big chance of getting back together.

#4 – If your ex calls a lot just to chat, it could be a sign of continued interest. However, make sure they’re not calling you simply out of habit or feelings of guilt. Maybe by missing a few calls, or leaving a message saying you’ll call back, you’ll get a clearer indication of their intentions.

#5 – Play the private detective. Be very subtle and check out your close, mutual friends to see if you’re ex has been asking about you, or wanting to know if you’re dating anyone. This is a pretty strong indicator that your ex is still interested in you. However, be careful here. Your partner simply may be concerned for your welfare and not looking at restarting a romantic relationship.

#6 – This is the opposite of the above ‘get my ex-back tip’ and much more direct. Ask your ex-partner who they are interested in and if they’re seeing anyone. If they change the subject, hide it or, in some way, defer the question, it’s a fairly strong indicator that you’re probably the person they are interested in. By asking your ex right up front, you’ll at least get an idea of where you stand. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but a great shock tactic nonetheless!

#7 – This might sound somewhat strange, but flirt with your ex-partner, not full-on, just a little, and see if your partner will flirt back! This will be one heck of a signal that you are on the right track with your “how do I get my ex back” strategy.

#8 – When you have physical contact with your ex, for example, touching hands or perhaps a ‘hello hug’, are there any signs of feelings? Are they responsive or do they pull away? Your ex-partner’s response to innocent, intimate physical contact with you is a good way to gauge any possibility of reigniting your romance.

As you can see these are very simple suggestions for maybe finding out “how do I get my ex back after a breakup“. They are definitely not the only methods you could use to get your ex-lover back. Use your own commonsense and find what’s right for you and your love relationship situation.