Get Vintage With French Provincial End Table

Get Vintage With French Provincial End Table

Vintage decorations and style are making a comeback, and it is more colorful and better. There was a time when celebrities and magazine cover pages decided the trend. But now, it is all about social media. People try hard to achieve a trendy aesthetic look or decorate their homes accordingly. At present, the vintage clothing style, like the corset dresses from the nineteenth century, and vintage home interior designing is taking social media by storm. One easy way to achieve vintage room decoration is to add furniture like a French provincial end table.

Is adding vintage furniture in a modern home a good idea?

A fusion will not hurt. Yes, it may not be easy to match the modern vibe with a vintage furniture piece. However, it is not impossible. Moreover, in today’s time, vintage furniture is available in more colors than its usual monotone palette.

How to get the vintage vibe at a modern home?

 Adding a French end table is extremely easy and efficient. You do not need to go overboard with it and keep it remarkably simple. Neither do you have to make any vital changes to fit the table in your space? The end table is anyway small, meant to be kept beside the bed or the couch. Avoid picking any color of the furniture that is too similar to the wall, the floor, or the carpet. Try to match it with the other furniture in the rooms. In that way, you can camouflage it well, and it will still stand out.

It is not mandatory to add an end table. You can add chairs or other furniture. If your room is big enough, you can get a vintage style bed with a large and decorative headboard. But keep it simple and try to match it with the existing background.