Bitcoin- More to the Story than What Meets the Eye

Bitcoin- More to the Story than What Meets the Eye

There are different things regarding topics that are still being researched by science experts and inventors and haven’t been understood by anyone due to the phenomenon being beyond words.

Cryptocurrency falls under this category as many experts have spent decades trying to understand it but are as close to discovering its true potential as its users are in studying their details.

Bitcoin is the largest branch in the field of cryptocurrency that was launched in 2009 by a secret group called Satoshi Nakamoto, a dedicated team who had invented this unique currency in the hopes of benefiting mankind and taking over the world of currency in due course.

Scoundrel or Saint

While it met with spectacular success soon after its launch, the downfall came merely a few years later as market prices started fluctuating and the stock market crashed where users suffered losses numbering to millions.

Therefore, most people lost trust in bitcoin and no longer consider it a safe haven and the recent corona virus pandemic has revealed bitcoins’ true value in the form of its decentralized nature.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam continues to draw in unsuspecting victims into its trap which has only added fuel to the fire as people have started withdrawing from its influence given its destructive nature.

Prices started fluctuating again and in the past few months the numbers have fallen from $10000 to $6000 that indicate that things are far from smooth for bitcoin as it is consistently losing the faith of its users.

As of now, bitcoin is nothing more than a currency that has lost its sheen and appears jaded and obsolete in the current times but this has been the case since its launch and it has bounced back after each thud.

Irrespective of whether people consider it as scoundrel or saint, bitcoin has its fair share of admirers and critics in equal numbers  and has reached a polarizing position where it can neither be used nor discarded.