Best Coffee Shops In Santa Cruz, California

Best Coffee Shops In Santa Cruz, California

Coffee is more like a religion in Santa Cruz instead of a hot drink to warm and wake you up. Every person you talk to has their favorite spot and is not shy to tell you why theirs is the best. Now that I have been living in Santa Cruz for about a year, I have tried most people’s recommendations and I am ready to give my own. So here are my top 3 picks for the best coffee shops in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co. –

Located right on Pacific Avenue, the main drag through downtown Santa Cruz, it boasts the best location of any of the coffee shops. You can’t help but want to walk in as the smell of the fresh-roasted coffee wafts outside of the shop, beckoning to any shopper passing by. The coffee is always made fresh and the espresso is ground and brewed by hand rather than by a machine. My favorite part of this coffee shop is the “brew bar” where they will grind using an การเลือกเครื่องบดกาแฟ and brew you a single cup of coffee of whatever kind of coffee you would like. Definitely my favorite cup of coffee and one of the best coffee shops in Santa Cruz.

Fin’s Coffee –

A newcomer to Santa Cruz, it is located on Ocean Ave. as you come in and out of the town making it a great spot for commuters. It has a great new atmosphere and the staff is always very friendly. The best part of Fin’s is their espresso drinks. The owner uses a small, local importer to get his espresso beans and has taught his staff how to grind, tamp, and brew espresso so it is sweet and flavorful rather than bitter like some espresso can be. Next time you are in, try the Mexican Mocha at this great coffee house of Santa Cruz.

Coffee Cat –

This coffee shop is actually located in Scotts Valley which is a border town to Santa Cruz. But I believe it deserves special mention simply because of their foam. It is hands down the best foam I have ever had and they combine it with baristas who really know who to do “foam art” on the top of your drink. The foam is always sweet and flavorful, and from a guy who doesn’t even like foam, they have won me over. Plus, they roast their own beans right there in the coffee shop so you know it is done fresh

So next time you are in Santa Cruz, make sure you check out one of these great coffee shops!