Basic Dog Training Bergen County Nj

Basic Dog Training Bergen County Nj

You love your dog. The reason you brought this adorable face home with you was because you loved the personality that came with it.

You had a connection. You knew you could become close.

Then the honeymoon ended a few weeks later.

You can’t get your dog to listen to you because you don’t know how to phrase your requests in a way that makes sense to him. You can’t get your dog to stop tearing up the furniture, begging at the table, or jumping up on your houseguests because she honestly doesn’t understand that behaving politely is the best way to make you happy.

And you started to wonder why it seems so impossible that the two of you can live together happily in a solid relationship.

The answer, as for all relationships, is communication. That’s where our dog training classes in Bergen County come in.

Dog training (also sometimes called “obedience training”) isn’t about changing your dog’s personality. It’s about finding clear ways to communicate what you want to your dog.

Trust me, your dog wants nothing more than to please you. Dog training classes can give you the tools you need to tell your dog exactly what kind of behavior you want. The kind of behavior that makes you want to shower your pup with affection and show him off to your friends. So apart from providing him the right cbd for dogs, you should also consider the right training program for your pet.

And that’s really all your dog needs to know.

Here’s what you and your dog can expect to learn from our obedience classes:

Your Dog Will Learn

  • Basic commands:

Your dog will learn the behaviors “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “come.” We begin with rewards, but by the end of training, your dog will obey your commands regardless of whether she sees a treat.

  • Basic manners:

Your dog will learn to wait politely for permission before proceeding through a door or taking food that’s within his reach. He’ll learn to check with you first to be sure that’s what you want him to do.

  • Basic walking:

Especially with larger dogs, being pulled down the street is an all-too-familiar hazard. This part of the dog training course shows your dog how to walk politely on a leash.

  • Basic greetings:

Your dog will learn to meet complete strangers and guests to your home politely, without jumping on them or barking. We’ve found many of our clients’ anxieties are deeply relieved by this part of the dog training course.

You’ll Learn

  • What Your Dog is Thinking:

You may not realize it, but some of the ways you try to direct your dog to behave properly are actually confusing. We show you how to be clear and consistent so your dog always understands what you want.

  • When to Use Treats for Training:

Many of our clients have resisted taking dog training classes in the past because they don’t want to become reliant on giving treats to get good behavior. You’ll learn when treats are useful, and how to avoid reliance on them.

  • How to Take a Leadership Role:

While your dog needs to see you as “in charge,” it doesn’t mean you need to dominate with force. We’ll show you how to be fair and firm with your dog, so he knows your leadership comes with love.