An Organic Pet Food Option By Nature Review

An Organic Pet Food Option By Nature Review

Today I am writing about By Nature® Pet Food. I received compensation in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed below are my own.

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It seems like it’s getting easier and easier to find grain-free food for our pets.

By Nature® is one of the latest brands I have come across.

Luke and Scooby tested out a 15-pound bag of grain-free, organic kibble from this company recently.

They were pretty excited when the bag arrived in the mail.

Now, except for when our dogs are sick, they aren’t very picky about their food. So, any dog food review is really more about my opinion than theirs.

Here’s what I liked about By Nature Grain-Free Chicken and Potato Flavor dog food:

  1. The ingredients list starts with meat – specifically chicken meal. From there, it’s potato meal, chicken fat, flaxseed and dried egg. A little further down the list is another notable protein source – salmon. Grain-free is important to us in dog food. Luke and Scooby do get treats (including lots of homemade beer biscuits) that contain grains, but when it comes to the staple of the dog’s diet, we prefer them to dine on something more meat and fruit/vegetable-based. Based on its ingredient list, I would compare this variety of By Nature food to a similar offering from Acana, the Canadian brand of kibble we’ve been feeding our dogs the most in recent months.
  2. In addition to being grain-free and organic, this food is also USA made. Although USA and Canadian pet food companies are not immune to recalls, I prefer that my pets’ food be sourced domestically (or just to the North) whenever possible.
  3. The kibble is tiny and easy for an elderpin without many teeth to chew. Whenever possible, we try to avoid feeding our boys separate kinds of food. It’s just easier at mealtime to give everyone their portion of the same thing. Unfortunately, this often means Scooby the elderpin has to deal with bigger chunks. While he doesn’t seem to mind that much, I noticed that he had an easier time chowing down on By Nature’s more petite chunks.

I checked several websites where you can order By Nature dog food. The pricing seems comparable to competing brands. There is also a frequent buyer program on the company’s website.

Overall, my opinion is that this brand is worth trying out if you are considering trying grain-free for the first time or just want another quality food to add into your rotation.

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What kind of food do your dogs eat? Please leave your answer in the comments!