What is the Alli Diet?

What is the Alli Diet?

Alli is a new prescription strength diet pill available over the counter at many stores including pharmacy chains. Alli is supplemented by its manufacturer (GSK) by an extensive educational campaign and support program to help one maximize use of the product. As a pharmacy technician I and the pharmacist have fielded many inquiries about Alli.

The science behind Alli is quite complex yet at the same time oddly simple. The active ingredients in Alli break down with food during digestion in the small intestine where many of our nutrients (and fats) are taken out of foods and absorbed into our system. Unlike traditional fat loss aids which usually only speed up metabolism or fake a feeling of fullness, Alli binds to fat molecules as food is broken down and prevents a percentage of these fat molecules from being absorbed into your system. So less fat absorbed means less fat stored and thus should mean a reduction or at least an achievement of weight stability. The leptitox nutrition will complete the diet of the person. Either it can be taken in the morning or evening snacks of the person. The reduction in the weight will be according to the requirement of the person. 

Since this is a new way of tackling the weight loss pill market, many people feared that Alli would be heavily abused by younger consumers looking to take higher doses in hopes of shuttling more fat out of their system. Some fat is healthy fat and some also will have nutrients mixed in with it during digestion. Removing too much food and nutrients before it is properly absorbed can lead to a wealth of health complications.

To combat an outcry against a potentially dangerous weight loss pill, GSK designed what looks to be a very good and in depth weight loss plan including everything from healthy food recipes, positive feedback, custom weight loss trackers and plans, and even online/telephone support for new users. Combined with diet and exercise and backed by the Alli health and wellness program, it seems Alli will become popular and successful.

From hearing many customer’s excitement about the new product, I can say it will be popular but I also stress that GSK designed the supplemental literature, support program, and diet/exercise guidelines for a reason. Healthy weight loss programs do take time and what GSK has done is designed a weight loss drug with a healthy program around it. If you do think you are ready for the Alli program keep in mind it is clearly meant to be used in conjunction with the program designed. The price of these pills appears to be around 50 dollars a bottle but understand that this also includes access to personalized diet and weight loss online services, support, access to recipes and exercise plans and more.