Weight Loss Tips For Disabled People

Weight Loss Tips For Disabled People

Gaining weight is a common problem in disabled people and they find it very difficult to control this excess weight because they can do only limited physical activities or exercise. But this doesn’t means that a disabled or physically challenged person cannot lose weight or cannot live a healthy life. Anyone can lose weight and live a healthy life and here are few helpful weight loss tips for disabled people.

This is the most important part of weight loss doesn’t matter if you are a normal person or physically challenged one you must need to eat wisely. For a normal person diet plan could be generic for many people but if you are disabled then you should create a diet plan based on your calorie consumption. First identify how much calorie you consume in entire day and then make a diet plan in which you do not intake more calories than your daily calorie consumption. For this you can take help of an expert or dietician.

After making a diet chart it is also very important that you should not consume entire day food in one go, instead of this eat a small amount in every 2 or 3 hour. It will not only satisfy your hunger but food will also digest in much faster way. Other than this it is also very important that you should not eat as soon as you feel hungry. If you feel hungry stay hungry for few more minute and then eat.

Just like eating drinking is also very important for weight loss and no matter you are a body builder or a physically challenged person, if you will not drink enough water you won’t be able to lose your body fat. So drink at least 2-3 liter of water every day, it will not only help you to lose your fat but it will also hydrate your body and excrete lot of harmful chemical from your body.

These drinks contain a great amount of sugar that increase your calorie intake so if you drink cola or any alcohol beverage it will increase your calorie intake all of your hard work will go in to vein, so make sure you never drink these in any condition. Instead of this you can try fresh fruit juice or fresh lemon water that will help you to reduce your weight.

We do agree that it can be difficult for you to do regular exercise but you can try those exercises that suit for you. For example if you are on wheel chair then you can try shadow boxing, weight lifting with light weight and dumbbells. Other than this you then you can try swimming with the help of an aid and similarly you can find an exercise that suits you best. To find a best exercise for you, you can take help of your doctor and he will surely give you best advice for it. You may also ask your doctor about the best weight loss supplements. Yes, there are several brands in the market but it is important that you choose the trusted and reliable brand. To help you out, check some leptitox reviews for more information.

It doesn’t matter what kind of disability you have, above tips will surely help you to lose your weight. In case you want more tips like this than you can make a call to DLA Phone Number because they not only provide you a disability living allowance but they also assist you in several other ways so you can live a healthy and happy life.