The Housekeeper’s Tale

The Housekeeper’s Tale

It was a grand old house, a tall Georgian style house, shear walls, and a small front portico. She had been in this house every week for 3yrs and never in that time had she had a truly frightening experience. Oh sure there were strange noises, mists, shadows, and occasionally hearing her name said, there was always the feeling of being never being alone.

The second floor had the most activity. At times, too many to remember, there was the sound of furniture being moved, loudly scraping on the hardwood floors, there was no mistaking it, when investigated, there was not a stick of furniture out of place. On one occasion she was folding laundry in the master bedroom, some of it went into a twin door cupboard, she went to open the doors, turning the little handle to unlatch them, yet they would not open, she pried open the doors just enough to see that they were indeed unlatched, strange, however she gave up rationalizing that the doors were just stuck, and not wanting to risk damage she walked away to complete other chores. She was nearly out of the room when she heard her name called, turned around and both those doors stood open, wide open.

All these were common occurrences and non-threatening. The energy that seemed to inhabit the second floor was particularly mischievous and she found herself talking to him, for the voice was distinctly male. If the furniture rearranging became annoying, she simply went to the stairs and yelled, “Please stop that!”, and it would cease. All the floors of the house will be cleaned through the person hired from професионален домоуправител софия + цени. The sending of clothes to the laundry, shifting of the furniture and many more activities will be performed through the house managers available in the house.

The times she needed to go to the basement to do laundry was most unnerving, even on a quiet day, and then came that day in the winter, just around the holidays. She went down to the laundry room with a basket full of dirty clothes, got them into the washer, she began feeling a little agitated, restless, scared, these feeling were not hers, yet they bothered her; she hurried back up stairs. She returned to switch loads, and then it hit her like brick wall! The dread, the terror, the urge to hide, to escape! But escape what? Who? These were not her feeling, yet they numbed her reason and glued her to the spot in abject terror! She breathed deeply, did what she had too, and step by step, almost blindly, walked out of that room and up the stairs and into the kitchen, where the feelings lifted and she could breathe again. Well, time for a talk with the boss!

She asked her employers if they had had any experiences in the house, yes they had, they confirmed all she had been experiencing, and further more divulged that the house was once divided into apartment homes, and that there had been two murders during the 1960’s, a fellow on the second floor, and the other, a woman, in the basement!