Suicide Websites: Succeeding In What Their Intentions Are

Suicide Websites: Succeeding In What Their Intentions Are

Suicide websites seem to be up in the rise. Why is that? What starts out first as a plea for help or someone just to talk to becomes a group or community that shows one how to commit suicide. Teenagers and adults are flocking to these websites, posting and finding ways to end their life. A cause for concern needs to be noted here.

The fine line comes when they have their websites up leaving the choice up to the user compared to taking the website down. Can the website be held liabable if someone based on what someone else posts has the person committing suicide? Only if they help the people commit suicide.

Kazunari Saito helped a 21 year old commit suicide by giving the person sleeping pills. This person owned the website in which the 21 year old met him. He was arrested in Japan, awaiting the consequences of his actions. So there is a way to handle these issues at times.

What about the times when it is not a known person that helps the person commit suicide? These websites are being watched, yet many still exist by reasons of loop holing the law. They change their names, their hosting companies, IP addresses as to not be too obvious to the person checking in on them.

Also, you need to make sure that you choose the cheapest web hosting 2020 while anso ensuring quality to get the best bang for your buck. So why is there such a fascination with these sites? Other people who may think like the person who wants to commit suicide; increasing in numbers means increased value in the idea. The ideas that people of these sites put through in how to comit suicide are astounding. Many suggest certain things to at least try and possibly a time when to do it. They also list on how to fool people into not knowing until the time is too late.

Censorship is wrong in any form and trying to find a way to block these sites fall into that category. Even those these sites are being watched and being monitored by law enforcement at times, it becomes harder and harder to find a way to take them down. When some are removed, others end up popping up at a different location.

What needs to be done is watching how the person you care about acts. If they suddenly act differently, then try to find a way to help them. With teenagers pay close attention if they are acting strange, even if you may just think it is the way a teenager acts, find out. You never know if they have come close to one of these websites. Find out information about suicide and how you can help. A little work will go a long way for you to help you to possibly save that person you care about.