Stop Being A Lazy Bum And Start Achieving Your Health Goals

Stop Being A Lazy Bum And Start Achieving Your Health Goals

Have you wanted to lose weight for a long time but never did anything about it? Your good intentions to “lose weight some day” mean absolutely nothing unless you act on those intentions.

Can I share some brutal truth with you? You are as unhealthy or healthy as you are because of the choices you have made in your life. If you are overweight, it is your fault (for the most part). Don’t blame the cookie monster or your mom for making great cheesecake. If you don’t take responsibility for your former actions, you won’t take responsibility for your present and future actions and you will never make any progress towards your health goals. The health goals that you want to achieve must be clearly defined. Being clear in the “why” of what you are doing will be the “gas in the tank” so-to-speak that gets you from where you are today to where you want to be.

Define your why. It’s easy to burn out if your why doesn’t come before your “what” (what = what you do to get the “why” to come to pass).

Possible “why’s”

  •  Maybe you want to be healthier so you can play with your kids and grandchildren.
  •  Maybe you want to lose 10, 40, or 200 pounds because you want to look better.
  •  Maybe you have a wedding coming up and you want to look the best you ever had.
  •  Maybe you want to live a more healthy lifestyle to be a good steward of the body God has given you.
  •  Maybe you want to be healthy to cut back on potential medical bills?
  •  Maybe you see how unhealthy our society is and you want to be a better example to the people around you.
  • Define your why. It will be like gas in the tank as you try to reach your health goals.

“I got myself here, I’m getting myself out. If I fall down, I’m not going to beat myself up, I will get back up and keep going in the right direction”. That pretty much sums up the attitude that you want to have. If you give in to the temptation of a Snicker’s bar while you are at the gas station, don’t let yourself feel like a ball of slime, acknowledge you messed up, and decide not to do it again. Take your goals seriously, but try not to take yourself to seriously. If your friend asks “Hey, would you like some iced coffee from Starbucks? I’ll buy!” and you reply “No, you fool! I’m a healthy man now!”, you might offend your well-meaning friend. Be kind, have fun, and stick to your plan. Take supplements that would serve as your support system in losing weight. But you have to make sure that your chosen supplement is naturally made so you can ensure that it is healthy and safe. You can check some resurge reviews online for more details.

Without the right attitude, it is very likely that you won’t follow through with your plan.

Just like having good intentions means nothing unless you follow through, having a good plan means nothing unless you follow through and execute the plan. It’s said that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Creating a fitness training plan that clearly defines the “why”, “what”, and “hows” of achieving your fitness goals is critical to your success.

The “what” of your plan has two practical parts: Diet and Exercise.


 You may have heard and read a lot about dieting. There is no need to bore you with information like “make sure you eat two servings of corn and a bowl of carrots each day”. I would like to provide a few very practical and easy-to-implement tips for you to apply to your diet though.

  1. Drink 2 glasses of water before each time you eat. A lot of times our body feels hungry when we are actually thirsty. If you drink water before each time you eat, that will help you discern whether you are truly hungry. If you are hungry, the water could still help suppress your appetite and aid your digestion. You can never go wrong with H20!
  1. Do not eat after 8pm. At night your body is calming down. It is getting ready for a night of sleep, putting food in your stomach is extra work for your body. Along with other body functions, your metabolism is slowing down at night so, you may not burn as many calories at night as you would if you were eating earlier in the day.
  1. Eat breakfast daily. One of the most dangerous things that people can do is treat necessities as luxuries. Sleep is a necessity not a luxury. Spending quality time with your family is a necessity not a luxury. Eating healthy is a necessity not a luxury. Working is a necessity not a luxury. Waking up, taking a 2 minute shower, and rushing out the door to make it to work on time everyday, neglecting breakfast isn’t wise. Eating breakfast will get your metabolism started for the day, help you wake up, and get you focused on the fruitful day ahead.


 Exercise can be an intimidating word! When you think of exercise, maybe you think of jogging 5 miles, body building, and doing one-handed-rocky push-ups. While you may want to be able to do one-handed-rocky push-ups someday, you don’t have to start there. If you are not sure where to start, and don’t really want to jog, take a 10 minute walk in the morning 3 times a week. Try doing 5 or 10 push-ups before you go to sleep. Start some where with your exercising routine, even if it doesn’t seem significant. One of the most prominent reasons that people don’t finish things in life is because they never start. Start doing something, from there you can grow.

What food do you have in your house? If your cabinets have nothing but fruits, veggies, and mixed nuts, you’ll likely be eating a lot of fruits, veggies, and mixed nuts . If your cabinets are full of Lays potato chips and Chips Ahoy cookies, you’ll likely be eating a lot of Lays potato chips and Chips Ahoy cookies. It’s not rocket science.

I recommend “radical substitution”. Go through your kitchen and literally throw away your unhealthy food. Go to the store and replace your unhealthy foods with healthy food. Fruits, veggies, granola bars, fish, etc. The first month may hurt a little bit, especially if you are addicted to sugar, but your goals are worth the little bit of pain.

Having a friend or family member to pursue health goals with can make all the difference in the world. The closeness of pursuing the same types of goals, the time spent together working out, and the accountability of knowing they are going to be checking in with you can be priceless. Also, try to remind your friend of their “why”.

Begin with the end in mind. Always remember the “why”. Remember that in a month, a year, two years, you will be seeing wonderful results if you stick to your plan.

You can do it. Yes you! Even if you have tried before and failed, today is a new day to start moving in the right direction. It took you your whole life to get where you are today so, it may take a little while to get to where you want to be depending on how extensive your goals are. Don’t be discouraged! Read other people’s testimonies, encourage yourself, and remember the “why”. I hope these tips are useful to you as you pursue your health goals!

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