Social Networking for Your Car: A New Trend

Who would have thought there was a Myspace for cars? Well, its not Myspace, but a new trend of social networking sites just for car lovers. You can meet new friends, discuss new automotive information, add photos, even blog about your car. There are several sites out now, just for automotive enthusiasts to come together. So if you’re a racer, into car shows, or just an avid car lover, check out the new social sites available just for you.

If competition gets your motor running, is the site for you. You can compete for monthly prizes, make new friends, even challenge other members. It is almost like a social on line car show. Now, the site has over five-thousand automotive enthusiasts aboard. You start off by building a profile all about your car. Add modifications, pictures, video, anything you please to show off your ride. You can join groups of other enthusiasts, blog, and share bulletins. Fellow auto enthusiasts spend hours a day on this site. Several members even meet up on a regular basis. There is also a wide span of different types of automotive enthusiasts, from the show and go type, to the Sunday drivers, there are people and cars of all ages on this site.

For anything automotive related, no matter how many wheels it has, check out This site features anything from hot rods to boats and airplanes. Motortopia is also up on the latest trends and news within the automotive industry. You can share and add pictures, create a profile, blog, and join groups of other car lovers. Everyone is friendly and willing to talk, no matter what kind of vehicle they get around in. This site is a lot of fun, you can meet all types of people and see all types of cars on here.

Cardomain is a classic staple for automotive social networking sites. Check out the site ( and create a profile to get started. You can make your profile as simple or complex as you like. There are thousands of vehicles posted on this site. You can search through videos of cars, check out the latest automotive news, or just browse similar vehicles. The opportunities to make friends are endless on this site. There are constantly contests going on, where you can win gas cards, money, and fame. You can pass the time easily on this site, there is so much to do. This site also is one that never gets boring or old, there are hundreds of new cars added daily.

You can find almost any enthusiast site for any make of car on the Internet.  It feels ;like you are using where you can see the profiles of people who follow you on Instagram. It is very helpful and effective no wonder why a lot of people are into this modern tool on social network specifically on Instagram. Just type in what kind of vehicle you have in a search engine, and odds are, you will see sites created just for fellow owners of vehicles like yours. Sites like these give information on what to expect from your vehicle, commons problems, and also other things you can do to take care of them. From Domestic to Import, you can find answers to complex questions you never imagined. Those type of sites provide great information if you are considering purchase of a certain make or model vehicle. You can tell first hand from fellow vehicle owners whether the car is worth your money or not.

No matter how into cars you are, these sites are helpful and fun. You can make new friends, even learn something new every time you log on. It is addicting, and something you look forward to getting online and looking at everyday. Maybe your knowledge of cars can help a fellow vehicle owner. Automotive sites are worth checking out, they are just a click away!