Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing For Business has been designed by a Social Media Marketing Management Professional, Michael Roach, with input from a number of business owners regarding their needs and wants.

The overarching objective of the course is for the participant (you!) to walk away with the knowledge and know-how to commence a Social Media Marketing Strategy for a business or to market a brand (be it their personal brand or other). What’s the best place to buy cheap Instagram likes? The reviews and ratings are checked through the people in order to select the best place. The promotion of the brand or product is done with the right approach for increasing the sale. 

The course comprises 6 core modules outlined below along with a brief summary of each.


A New Cutting Edge Marketing Arena For you!

This module explores the phenomenon that is Social Media Marketing, its breadth and the way it is changing marketing techniques permanently. 

All the key reasons for a business to have a Social Media Marketing Strategy are explored and more importantly the impact if they are not in!

This is important base knowledge to understand for anyone involved in marketing.

Your Many Options! 

In module 2 you will discover what small and medium sized business are doing on social media and the results they are achieving. Return on investment for business is covered along with examining the trends and impact of Social Media on buying behaviour and consumer interaction.

How to get started and the best tools for maximizing your results!

Module 3 is all about the first steps you need to take and equipping you with practical experience on each of the key social media platforms. You will be given a number of hints and tips to assist you on the platforms that are most important for you!

How To create your strategy and pathway to success! 

Module 4 covers what you need to do at the beginning of your social media engagement and identifies the business marketing stages of social media strategy. 

This module is essential for you to begin developing your own strategy. 

Finally this module also covers how companies gain brand advocates online and increase influence and following and more.

Reputation Management In Social Media 

Module 5 provides information about the importance and impact of managing your brand and business online. This includes examples of good reputation management online and the result of negative reputation management! Avoid the pitfalls!

You will be given resources to discover your reputation quickly and easily online.

Count Your New Found Business! 

Module 6 focuses on how to measure and report on your Social Media Marketing Campaigns and how to include this as an important part of your marketing strategy.

Learn what the important objectives to achieve in Social Media Marketing and the KPI’s that you can measure to assess if your objectives are being met. You will a be introduced to key reporting tools and how to use them effectively as well.

Each module includes activities and challenges to help you learn and get started on the key platforms straight away.