One Blog Many Topics Vs. Many blogs OneTopic

One Blog Many Topics Vs. Many blogs OneTopic

I have been banging my head on this topic for quite some time now. I have this page, That’s an out and out professional blog meaning, I write about social media, digital marketing, blogging, etc. These are the topics I like to write about as that’s my work. I write what I know about these topics.

Well, apart from that, I thought I should also have a personal blog that is more about me as certainly I have other interests that I would like to write about. So I thought why not start a personal blog which is more about me, rather than what I do professionally. So I started where I can talk about other things that interest me.

Well, coming to the point of whether you should have a blog with many topics or many blogs with one topic each. Well, quite honestly, I have seen successful examples of both strategies.

There are plenty of blogs that write anything under the sun, yet are very successful. You have heard of Mashable, right? Well, If you look at their website, their main menu reads ‘social media, tech, business, entertainment, lifestyle, Watercooler’ etc. I mean, mashable is a multi-topic blog which is quite successful. Similarly, Lifehacker is another good example. Just visit their site & see what all they write about.

So I mean to say that there are a number of successful examples of multi-topic blogs doing really well. So, I won’t say they aren’t successful unlike what many people (experts!!) might claim. But there is one caveat. Your topics shouldn’t be so out of sync that they throw people off. I mean, you can’t write about social media, & then write something really personal, say your honeymoon in Switzerland.

Of the blogs I have cited here, none was a personal blog. All write about stuff that people find interesting & worth reading, even if the topics aren’t closely related.

So unless you are writing something really personal; and your core objective is to write to entertain your audience, I guess multi-topic bogging will work well.

Now coming to the Niche blogs. Well, not everyone likes to write about anything or everything. There are many people who have less than many interests. They are more comfortable writing about one unique passion they have. Well, niche blogs offer some sort of predictability to the reader as what to expect from the author. They write about very specific posts related to a particular topic, which is not a bad thing if you want to attract a very niche audience.

Many people (experts!!) say that niche blogs are more successful than multi-topic blogs. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that niche blogs do better; but yes, you are more likely to get loyal visitors fast if you are writing about one particular topic. It will also be easier to convince the first time visitor to come back again or subscribe to your blog as he knows what to expect from you. But who says you can’t do that with a multi-topic blog?

It might appear from what I have said that I sort of favor multi-topic blogs, but, in reality, I am not favoring either approach. Although I do feel that Multi-topic blogs seem to have more potential to grow big than any niche blogs. Mashable is bigger than social media today by every yardstick. Do you know what I mean?

So, what’s the conclusion? Should you write a niche blog or one blog with many topics? I would say, go by your instinct. If you think you have a passion, start a blog on that. If you aren’t too sure about one particular topic, write about things that interest you.

Write for a couple of months. Then analyze what worked & what didn’t. At least start writing. Many people get stuck at this point & never start. You might not be too clear of what to write initially. But no worries. Once you have written for a while, you will figure that out yourself.

And never rely too much on expert advice. What works for one person might not work for another.

Lastly, I would say, if you are writing interesting stuff, something that has the power to excite people, you will surely succeed no matter what you about. In writing, it doesn’t matter much what you write about, but how you write. So go & just write!!! All the best!