Market On Instagram Without An Ad Budget – How to do it!!

Market On Instagram Without An Ad Budget – How to do it!!

Instagram has the largest audience out there so it’s understandable that businesses may believe that investing in Instagram ads is worthwhile, however it’s actually been proven that Instagram has less business value than other digital marketing sites.

Forrester Blogs states that Instagram creates less business value than than any other digital marketing opportunity which raises the question – Is it really necessary to dedicate a paid budget on Instagram?

Marketing on Instagram certainly isn’t as easy as it used to be. It used to be simple – you’d create the content, plan who you were going to communicate with and the likes and comments would eventually follow. It’s clear that whilst the amount of businesses using Instagram for marketing increases, the more difficult it has become to get Instagram success.

Instagram seems to be making marketing on a budget increasingly difficult for businesses – for a start they are limiting the organic reach of business pages.This limits businesses by giving them a very limited reach unless they use paid promotion. The story insta without the advertisement will provide the desired results. The preparation of the budget will offer the best results to the business people. The starting of the promotion and advertising is great with less costs. But the reach is limited at the social media platform.

However this doesn’t mean that you need to spend your marketing budgets on paid promotion – there are other ways that you can use the platform for marketing success without parting with your cash and there are some powerful tools out there at your disposal.

Creative Content

Volume of likes and comments generally depends on quality and relevancy of your content updates. The main aim here is to become more noticeable to your followers/fans. Visuals seem to do so much better that just text.

Images are a great way of taking up space on the newsfeed. Posting images of specific popular items will encourage people to share your content – the more shares you get the more viral you become. If you have something important to say use good graphics as a way of getting your point across.

Usually imagery and contextual captions go a long way in terms of likes, comments and shares. This of course won’t come straight away, a Instagram strategy takes time and it may take some time to create and authentic voice for your brand.

Video content is becoming more and more successful – sharing videos showing your product or service in the best way possible can create loads of exposure for your brand. The different types of videos you can create are endless. Video is much more appealing that stills and followers tend to share more videos than anything else.

You should also ensure you posts links to relevant content on your blog. Post often and make the post stands out by producing original, compelling content.

Quizzes and competitions in exchange for freebies, money off vouchers etc are a great way of attracting new fans. Getting existing fans involved in contests will encourage their friends to join – this way you can collect information from them which may become useful in the future.

Use Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights can be found down the left hand side of your Instagram page sidebar and allows you to keep track of your analytics. A good marketing plan relies on this sort of information to ensure everything is running smoothly – you need to regularly check your statistics as you could be missing out on useful information.

You can see the profile of your target audience through statistics including age and gender. Instagram Insights also allows you to see your interactions in total and interactions per post this will allow you to distinguish what content works best and what audiences you are reaching.

Utilize the scheduling tool

Use your time wisely – utilizing the scheduling tool can save you time by mapping out your communication plan. This sort of tool was available only on third party sites – however now it is accessible to everyone through their Instagram account. This is beneficial to Instagram users as some of the third party sites can receive lower exposure in the news feed.

The scheduling tool enables you to plan your posts and messages in advance, this means they will be delivered at the best time to reach your audience and you don’t even have to log in to post something at a specific time.

You should also experiment with your schedule, try posting outside of business hours – you could be missing out on a huge portion of the market. Mix it up and try posting at different times each week – be sure to keep on eye on your audiences location too!