Landscape Design – Backyard Living

Landscape Design – Backyard Living

Landscape design and your backyard living ideas are captured in your mind for your particular life style. Now you start searching garden magazines and landscaping magazines for that one unique landscape design like no other. Your backyard is going to stand out because it is not only going to be different but it is also going to be a low maintenance yard.

Your landscape design should not be too elaborate, if it is friends and family will be afraid to enjoy it for fear of destroying something. Make it as simple and maintenance free as possible but also beautiful to look at and enjoy. There are several designs and options for creating a little privacy for reading or meditating. There is one important area of a backyard that needs to have fencing for safety and that is your pool area. You may also want to place real fencing around an area designated for yard games to protect your garden.

The reason you want everything to be low maintenance is so you will not be taking care of your landscaping every weekend instead of enjoying it. You also want to be able to take a vacation and not have to worry about your backyard landscaping. Let us say you have a large backyard but you want to keep the maintenance to a minimum, try planting drought tolerant plants and only a small patch of lawn area. Create several different areas for your landscape for instance playing, dining, relaxing, and reading or meditating. You can place brick pavers in the garden to create walkways or pathways going to one area and on to the next.

You also want to have some privacy in your garden but you do not need to install a fence; the alternative is natural fencing such as tall slender trees, tall hedges, or vine covered lattice work. The hedges and trees can give you privacy from neighbors and the lattice work to separate different areas of the backyard landscaping. A living fence can be grown in any design you desire such as a circle, square, half-circle, horseshoe shape or whatever design you want in order to create a medication garden or reading nook. You can also plant flowers along the inside of your design for more relaxation. If you have pets it is better to have regular fencing surrounding your backyard to keep your pet in and others out.

There are landscape designs to plant for bird watching or to create a butterfly garden. Flowers and herbs can be planted in raised beds or containers that will add color to any area of your garden including your patio or deck. The containers can be moved around to any of the other areas of the garden for a change or just to add color. Backyard ornaments such as birdbaths, bird feeders, fountains, gazing balls or whatever you can find can designate how that garden area is generally used.

Now that there are so many different styles of outdoor furniture these days you can use wood in one area and then use wicker or resin in a different area. For instance, a durable plastic lounge chair can be used for reading or meditating; a cast iron bistro table and chairs for intimate dining; a wooden picnic table and chairs for playing board games, cards, or family meals, and your wicker chairs just for relaxing. These are just a few backyard landscaping tips for backyard living. Your own creative ideas and budget will determine what to add to your landscape design and whatever you do it enjoy your backyard living.It is all a matter of preference where you can think about various prospects to make your backyard look excellent and happening that includes paver edging where you can assemble numerous vines alongside the necessary props like furniture.