Know The Fishes That Are The Best Companions For Yellow Cichlids

Know The Fishes That Are The Best Companions For Yellow Cichlids

Things to take care of while having an aquarium

People like to have a fish tank at their home. It gives their place a beautiful vibe, and the fishes keep the area calm and peaceful. But there are some aspects which everyone has to take care of always. It is best to know their favorite companions when you are planning to buy a species of fish. Otherwise, it may lead to a lot of problems. You may find breeding issues, and some may even try to harm the other ones.

Best Tank Mates for Cichlids

The Yellow Cichlids are not the best for community fishes, but they are not aggressive creatures. Therefore, it is best to keep them along with some fellow cichlids. That way, they can live in pairs and as a single also. Let us have a look at some of their best mates.

  • The Mbuna Fish will be the best companion for such cichlids. These are active fishes and also have beautiful colors in them like blue and yellow. These will look brilliant for the display of your fish tank.
  • The yellowtail Acei is also a brilliant companion for these fishes. They have yellowfins and a stunning blue body, and the male one will have spots on the back of their fins.
  • The blue Dolphin Cichlids will also make a fantastic companion with them. It is also called the Blue moorii. These are elongated in size and have pointed snouts.

Do not bring aggressive ones.

The Yellow Cichlids are a beautiful species for freshwater aquariums. But it is not the best option to keep the massively aggressive fishes close to them. The Cichlids can also cause harm to the smaller ones, snails, shrimps, and crabs. Try to keep them in a ratio of at least two females to a single male. That is the best for breeding and their health also.