Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

When people talk about hair loss, you will usually think about balding men or men with thinning hair. However, you need to consider the fact that women too can suffer from hair loss. Although you may not notice it, you have to remember that most women wear their hair long and this can disguise hair loss in them. Now, you may want to know the different causes of hair loss in women in order for you to find out what you can do to prevent it.

Basically, the cause of hair loss in young women today is quite obvious. All you need to do is look at female magazines today that features great looking models with great looking hair.

Because women wants to copy something they see in magazines and on a medium health blog post in order for them to look like the model or look more beautiful, they tend to do things with their hair that can eventually harm them.

You have to remember that hair dyes, and perm as well as the constant heating of hair by curlers and other devices will damage your hair. So, try going for the natural look or you might want to limit the number of times you dye your hair.

Hair dyes have chemicals in its ingredients that can damage hair and the hair follicles. In fact, it can irritate the scalp.

Another cause for hair loss is the constant pulling of the hair. One example would be braiding your hair tightly. Most women who get their hair braided would leave it to look like that for a few months. It is important to remember that braided hairs should not be left braided for more than two weeks as it may cause permanent damage to the hair follicles and not allow it to grow healthy hair again.

Constant pulling will scar the scalp and in that scarred area, the hair will not grow again.

As you can see, fashion takes its toll on the hair. It may look good on you, but always remember that this will only last for a very short time. So, try to go for that natural look. It is much gentler to the hair and there are quite a lot of styles nowadays that will make you look good and at the same time, allow you to wear your hair naturally.

Another cause for hair loss is by not using the shampoo that is formulated to your type of hair. You need to remember that everybody has different types of hair and there are shampoos formulated for different types of hair. So, try to know what type of hair you have and get the right shampoo for it. Also remember that after shampooing your hair, you should rinse it thoroughly as letting it dry on your hair will leave harmful chemicals that can make the hair weak and may eventually damage the hair follicles.

These are the few causes of hair loss in women. So, if you want to have a healthy looking hair and a hair that is thick and strong, follow these tips. With it, you will see that you will be able to have a great looking hair for a very long time. You can also try some of the hair spa treatment products available in the market today which can eventually improve your hair.

Alopecia areata is a condition that causes hair loss in round patches on the scalp. It can also affect the eyebrows, beard, and other areas where hair is present. People in the U.S. have a 2.1% chance of developing alopecia areata in their lifetime. It often occurs during childhood. Genes and environmental factors are the main causes. In alopecia areata, the hair follicles are still alive, and the hair can regrow. Doctors may treat alopecia areata with an injection into the scalp every 4–6 weeks for up to 6 months.